1991 Rover Mini / Classic Mini

1991 Rover Mini / Classic Mini

New inventory! Offered at $4,995

1991 Rover Mini / Classic Mini

1000cc 4 Cylinder Engine + Automatic Transmission
98,000 Miles / 159,000 Kilometers

Please note this is a running & driving project car. We have used this vehicle as a daily driver for our shop car since being imported. This car will get you around just fine, but 1st gear slips. To get around this issue you must put it in 3rd, then switch to D. Doing this avoids first gear and makes the car get around issue free. You will still be able to daily drive it and commute but we do advise in the future to swap the transmission out.

Very Clean Exterior & Interior

Financing is available! 100% Properly Imported

Offered at $4,995

Sold by:
The Import Guys LLC
7028 Portal Way
Ferndale, WA

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