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**Bidding in Japanese Auctions with The Import Guys**

**Who are we?**
We're "The Import Guys", a premier vehicle importer located in Ferndale, Washington, USA. We specialize in bringing you quality vehicles directly from Japan, tailored to your requirements.

**Our Services:**
1. Importing vehicles from Japan for inventory.
2. Assisting US buyers in acquiring cars from Japanese auctions.
3. Providing export services from Japan globally.
4. Exporting vehicles from the US to other destinations.

**Bidding Deposit:**

To bid, we require a deposit of $2500 or 10% of the bidding price, whichever is higher. This deposit is fully refundable should we be unable to secure a car for you. Upon a successful bid, you'll receive an invoice for the full cost, payable within 48 hours. Please note that failure to settle the invoice within 7 days forfeits your deposit and future bidding privileges with us.

**Delivery Process:**
Once we secure your vehicle, it's either sent to our exporter's lot or directly to the port. US deliveries are primarily through the port of Tacoma or any port of your preference. We also facilitate US-wide shipping at additional costs. Typically, the shipping process spans 8-12 weeks, depending on vessel availability.

**Storage Services**
Looking to invest in a vehicle under 25 years? We offer both short-term and long-term storage in Japan:
- Outdoor: $175/month
- Indoor: $300/month

**Our Fees:**
- Cars up to $20,000: $1,500
- Cars between $20,000 - $40,000: $2,500
- Cars over $40,000: $3,500
- Race & Display vehicles: $5,500

Please note: An additional 4.5% transaction fee will apply on the total price.

**Additional Costs:**

1. Japan to US Shipping: $800-2,300 (subject to current shipping rates)
2. Inland transportation in Japan: Approx. 38,000 JPY (around $300 USD+)
3. Export Agent Fee: 78,000 JPY (around $550 USD)
4. Auction House Fee: Starts from 19,800 JPY (approx. $170 USD)
5. US Import Tariffs: 2.5% for cars, 25% for trucks/commercial vehicles + 0.3464% filing fee.
6. Harbor Maintenance: 0.0125%
7. Bill of Lading: $149.50 (varies with the shipping line)
8. Bank Wire Fee: $50
9. Tacoma Port Fees: $185 ramping fee, $175 storage fee 
10. CBP Entry/Broker Cost: Approx. $215
11. Transportation: Tacoma, WA to Ferndale, WA: $200
12. WA Title: $89.50

Tax & Licensing:

- WA State Residents: Sales tax and licensing payable at the time of registration.

- Out-of-State Residents: Sales tax and licensing payable in your home state upon registration.

**Customer Commitment:**

Ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience for you is our utmost priority. Rely on our dedicated team to guide you through every step of your journey with us.

**How to Bid:**

Submit your bids through email at or call us at 833.536.4968.

**Bidding Deposit Options:**


2. Card payments over the phone: 833.536.4968

Upon confirmation of your deposit, you're all set to bid in the Japanese auctions and access genuine wholesale prices!

***Please refer to our terms of service for comprehensive details.***

To place a bidding deposit please check out here through our online portal

Once your deposit is confirmed, you can now bid in the Japanese auctions & get the true wholesale price! 

Notice: RORO shipments are predicted at 4-5 months

Can you hold in stock vehicles?

For vehicle in stock vehicles, we can hold them for up to 7 business days. To hold the vehicle we require a non refundable deposit of 10% or $2500, whichever is greater. There is no extensions for holding the vehicle unless there is a financing delay for those who have been pre-approved by our lenders.

Do the vehicles come with a warranty?

All vehicles are sold as-is with no warranty. We highly suggest visiting our shop to inspect the vehicle in person. If you are unable to do so, we can transport the vehicle to a third party shop within 15 miles of our location for an independent inspection free of charge. You will only have to pay the inspecting shop. 

Can I register a JDM car in California?

To those who live in California and want to register it within their state the cars will need to be brought into California compliance. For more information on those please email or call us. 

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