Who are The Import Guys?


Everyone who is interested in JDM cars, that's who! But seriously, we are just simple automobile enthusiast  who have a true passion for Imported cars & goods. Our goal is to be as cost efficient and upfront as possible throughout the entire process. We have an inventory in the USA, we can also import on your behalf to any port in the USA. It is your choice! We also import just about anything you can think of from Japan. We have one of the largest stock of JDM wheels on the west coast also.

Which Countries Do We Import From?


We have exporters in Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, & Canada. With having so many exporters on our team it ensures we can find the car you desire in whichever country that may be. So if we do not have the exact car you want in stock that is no problem! We will find your dream car!

Can I Special Order a Specific Car?


Yes, that is no problem. Just give us the exact information of the car you are looking for and we will work within your budget!

Are The Cars Legal To Drive On The Road?


Rest assured, every single car we sell will always be 100% properly imported. You will have absolutely no legal hassle! Please note, cars sold to California Residents will need to be brought in to CARB compliance.

Do The Cars Get An Inspection?


All cars get an inspection before leaving Japan. They also get an inspection once they arrive. After both inspections are passed we personally drive each car A minimum of 3 to 5 days or more  to learn about the car, repair any noticed issues, etc.

Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to call 1-833-JDM-4YOU or email Sales@theimportguys.com