How to bid in the Japanese auctions

-We are The Import Guys, an importer based out of Ferndale, Washington, USA.

What services do you offer?

-Our primary business is importing vehicles from Japan, whether that be cars we have purchased for inventory or cars purchased from the auctions in Japan for a US buyer. We also offer export services from Japan to countries outside of the US and export of vehicles from the US.

-We take a $1000 deposit in order to bid.

If we are unable to secure a car for you, this deposit is refundable minus the Paypal fee. If we do win, we will issue an invoice for the full cost of the car and import to be paid within 48 hours. From there, the car gets sent to our exporter's lot or straight to the port. The car is then shipped out either to the port of Tacoma if the car will be picked up from our shop or to a port of your choice. We can arrange shipping within the US at a buyer's cost. Providing there is available space on ships, the process usually takes 6-12 weeks.

If a car is under 25, can you store it?

-Yes! We have both indoor and outdoor short- and long-term storage in Japan. Buying a vehicle before it turns 25 can be a great way to save money by beating the US market.

What is your fee?

We are flat rate $1200 for a standard 25 year old import
Race Use Only, Show & Display, & cars over $150,000 is $2500

What other costs can I expect?

-For most cars, shipping from Japan to the US is $800-2300 (present shipping availability from Japan means that costs are higher at the moment)

-US import tariffs are 2.5% for cars, 25% for trucks and commercial vehicles (this includes things like cargo vans), along with an additional 0.3464% filing fee

-The logistics company takes a $149.50 fee

-If going through the port of Tacoma, there is a $104 ramping fee (variable)

-CBP Entry/Broker Cost ~$215

-International wire costs $50

-Certified translation costs $90

-Dirt cleaning in Japan costs $100

-Japan Auction Agent $500-700 fee (Depending on location)

-Transport from the Port of Tacoma to our shop is $200

All bids must be submitted via email to or called in to 833.536.4968

To place a bidding deposit please check out here via Paypal

Deposits can also be accepted via card over the phone to 833.536.4968 
For bidding deposits with Crypto please contact us for our wallet address & which coin/token you would like to use.

Once your deposit is confirmed, you can now bid in the Japanese auctions & get the true wholesale price! 

Methods of payment accepted:


Bank wire
Credit Card

& More! Just ask, we will gladly accept it. 

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Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to call 1-833-JDM-4YOU or email